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Platters, Snacks & Appetizers
All of our platters serve 10-12 people. Enjoy anytime!

Asparagus Beef Rollups
     Al dente asparagus spears and scallion cream cheese wrapped in succulent
     roast beef. A low-carb dream!
Fresh Fruit Bowl, Platter or Skewers
     Seasonal fresh fruit bowl, sliced and arranged on a platter or individual skewers
     with bite-sized pieces.
Fresh Vegetable Platter
     A crisp selection of fresh veggies colorfully arranged on a platter with our tasty
     dill dip.

Cubed Cheese Platter 
     Enjoy our variety of cubed cheeses with fresh strawberries and grapes. Served
     with crackers. A great addition to any meal or as a snack platter.
Cubed Cheese and Summer Sausage Platter
     A variety of cubed cheese with summer sausage and crackers.
Deli Spirals Platter
(60 bite-sized spirals, 20 Each)
     Turkeybacon: Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Spinach, Ranch Seasoned Cream Cheese
     Salamijack:     Salami, Jack, Cheese, Basil, Tomato
     Club:                Turkey, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Seasoned Cream Cheese
     All varieties wrapped in herb flatbread.
Mini Sammie Tray
     Turkey, ham or roast beef on an assortment of our fresh baked breads with
     lettuce and tomato. Mini-     sized, just right for snacking.
Hummus Tray
     Pepper or black bean hummus, pita bread with fresh red and green peppers,
     cucumber, celery and carrot sticks. A great vegetarian option!


South of the Border Tray 
     Layers of refried beans, sour cream, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses,
     diced tomatoes, scallions and black olives. Served with tortilla chips.

Hot Stuff
Per person pricing must be in increments of 5 (except the Chicken Wings)

Traditional Chicken Wings
     Lightly seasoned bone in chicken wings. Plain, BBQ, Buffalo, or Caribean Jerk.
$21.99 / 2 doz.
Boneless Chicken Wings
     Lightly seasoned boneless chicken wings. Plain, BBQ, Buffalo, or Caribean Jerk.
     Severs 6-8 people. 

$19.99 / 2 doz.
Beef Stroganoff in a Brown Gravy with Mushrooms
     Thinly sliced filet sauteed in a creamy brown garlic, mushroom, and sour cream
$8.99 / person
Stuffed Green Pepper Cups
     Green peppers stuffed with prime ground beef, rice and flavorful spices, topped
     with mozzarella cheese.
$7.99 / person
Cheese Manicotti in Homemade Marinara Sauce
     Large pasta shells stuffed with a mixture of ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and
     Romano cheeses dished up with our homemade marinara.
$7.99 / person
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Beef and Rice
     Cabbage leaves stuffed with prime ground beef, onion, and rice in a sweet
     homemade marinara.
$7.99 / person
Pulled Pork or Chicken in Homemade BBQ Sauce
     Tender, smoked, and hand shredded pulled pork or chicken in a homemade
     BBQ sauce served on a home baked bun.
$7.99 / person
Lassana with Homemade Meat Sauce
     Italian sausage and beef with ricotta cheese, baked and topped with
     mozzarella cheese.
$7.99 / person